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My name is Phil Burns; on the web I go as Phil801 (801 is my area code) in order to distinguish myself from several other Phil Burns’ out there.

I have been very heavily involved with technology all of my life and have spent my entire career working in it. I have a wonderful family with 8 kids! We live at the foot of the gorgeous Wasatch Mountains, allowing us to frequently escape into them, on a small farm and enjoy gardening and raising animals for food while endeavoring to make the world a better place by teaching and promoting Preparedness and Self-Reliance concepts in person and via the internet.

The purpose of this site is to provide background information for media, potential employers, partners, customers, etc.

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Professional Information

I have over two decades of professional experience in the software industry. I worked for several years as a programmer and entrepreneur and now typically spend most of my time managing technology groups and leading companies to success!

You can review my career history and download my current resume here.

Media Relations

I regularly interact with the media and have given dozens of interviews on camera, on the radio, for print/online and photo-shoots. I have logged several hundred hours in front of the camera filming several episodes for a reality style TV show for Animal Planet. Click here for a credit summary.

If you are seeking an interview, personality, expert opinion, etc feel free to contact me through any of these methods.

Preparedness and Outdoors Expertise

I am a co-owner of The American Preppers Network, the largest collection of Preparedness sites and services on the internet.

I’ve spent most of my life in the outdoors and frequently teach Survival, Firearms, Preparedness and other classes. For detailed information about my experience, training and certifications, click here.

Featured Content

A selection of content I have authored/produced or been featured in, mostly focused on preparedness.

Media Credits

A selection of articles or other content produced about or featuring me in different formats.

Biographical Sketch/Profile

This is a fairly comprehensive background on me.

If you are in need of a bio sketch on me, a prepared one is here.


A quick look at some of my particular areas of interest and the things I enjoy doing. Check out this page for a more in depth look at me.


If you would like to get in touch with me, there are multiple ways listed on my contact page.

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