Your typical Geek/Farmer/Mountain Man with 8 kids!


My Programming Interests are:

  • .Net - My main area of programming, I have been working professionally in it since the original beta 2.

  • C# & VB.Net - I’ve frequently used both VB.Net & C# on multiple projects.

  • ASP.Net - I’ve built several websites using ASP.Net, it is typically my preferred environment.

  • PHP & HTML - I’m fairly fluent in PHP & very strong in HTML. I’ve built multiple websites using the LAMP stack.

  • SQL Server - I’ve worked with several DBMS’ including MySQL and Oracle, but SQL Server is my favorite by far.

Some of my hobbies/extra-curricular activities include:

  • Kids! – I have 8 kids ages 22 – 6 years including 2 twins.

  • Hobby Farming – A farm for fun and learning, not necessarily for profit. I live on a 35 acre farm with a large ‘petting zoo’ style barnyard.

  • Church – I co-ordinate food storage and emergency preparedness for my LDS Church

  • Wrestling - I love wrestling!  Both my boys wrestle on their school teams.

  • Gardening – I maintain a fairly large garden, about half an acre and a 40 tree orchard.

  • Hiking - the Wasatch Mountains are a second home to me.  I love to spend time hiking through them!

  • Camping – Our family loves to camp as much as possible.

  • Preparedness (Prepping) – Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness and Survival Skills are a major part of my life.

  • Security - I’m very interested in physical and electronic security.  I do a lot of work with physical security, penetration testing and escape.

  • I am interested in several technology areas in addition to programming.  They include relevancy systems, cybernetics, virtual reality, wearable computers, nanotechnology and quantum computing to name a few.