Your typical Geek/Farmer/Mountain Man with 8 kids!

Phil is a Libertarian leaning Constitionalist who has dedicated much of his life to living and teaching Preparedness.
He is a co-owner of The American Preppers Network, the largest collection of sites and services for Preparedness on the internet, part owner of Eden Valley Farms, a food storage manufacturer and has starred in a television show, Meet the Preppers, about preparedness.

Phil has published hundreds of articles on preparedness as well as being a subject matter expert in several articles for various news organizations including The Blaze.  He has also produced nearly 100 YouTube videos on preparedness and hosted a podcast called “Preparedness Learning Center”.

Born to a Navy family in California in 1973 and raised in Utah, Missouri and Tennessee, he went on to live in Hawaii and then joined the Air Force.  He grew up living a Preparedness lifestyle and continues that today with his family.  He has extensive experience in gardening, preserving and preparing food, managing livestock and living in the outdoors.  He is an NRA certified instructor as well as a Utah Concealed Carry Instructor and enjoys expanding his firearm training and experience.

He has been a professional  Software Engineer for over 20 years and has built numerous back-end business systems as well as hundreds of web sites.  During that time he has started several companies and enjoys working from home, allowing him to spend time with his family.

Phil and his wife have 8 children and currently live in Utah.