Your typical Geek/Farmer/Mountain Man with 8 kids!

Phil BurnsBorn March of 1973 in California and raised in Utah, Missouri and Tennessee I went on to live in Hawaii, then joined the Air Force and saw a chunk of the world.  I was raised in a “preparedness (self-reliant) lifestyle” while loving and living in the outdoors and I continue that passion today with my family.  In my youth I worked on ranches and began breaking horses when I was 14, today I live on a small farm with horses, cows, chickens and everything else you’d expect.  I maintain a half acre garden and spend a huge amount of my time studying and learning new preparedness and survival skills and techniques.  I am the oldest of 7 kids, my Mother comes from a family of 9 kids.  I currently have 8 children.  Our youngest, Serenity, was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2008 and we’ve been a cancer fighting family ever since.

I am a .Net engineer specializing in back-end enterprise business systems exposed through web services (SAAS).  I’m also an SEO and search engine algorithm expert and have designed several unique systems for improving search engine penetration.  I have extensive experience in data analytics and have built several engines that generate business intelligence from huge amounts of data.  Through the years I’ve become an expert in EDI, WMS, ERP, CRM, OOP and some other acronyms.  I’ve been the CTO/COO for several startups, Director of Technology for a mid-size company and lead development on several projects, including many of my own.

I’m closing in on two decades of professional experience in the software industry, but it didn’t start ‘professionally’. When I was young I was heavily exposed to computers and began learning QBasic.  By the time I was 12 I was writing my own programs.  When I joined the Air Force at 19 I became an Information Specialist and began refining my programming skills through the Community College of the Air Force and OJT training programs.

After the military, I attended College studying Computer Science and Business.  I soon began working as a Business Analyst and Software Engineer.  Over the years I became an expert at analyzing a business’ processes and creating solutions for them, then I would write or sub-contract writing the software to implement that solution.  Along the way I started The Gatherers (General Automation Technology, Human Error Removal, E-Commerce Resolutions Specialists) and worked independently as a contractor.  This continued for 6 years until Paul Allen offered me a position as the COO/CTO for his Internet Incubator, Provo Labs.

After Provo Labs was realigned to a holding company, I funded and started another venture, PRT Research, where we built several web crawling and data analytic engines.  After PRT, I joined a mid-size company called LaneLinks where we built transportation management software for private fleets.

I have currently gone independent again and am doing private development contracts while working on some of my own projects.  At the same time I co-own and serve as the CTO for The American Preppers Network, the largest collection of Preparedness sites and services on the internet. This position is the perfect melding of my two Gifts: Software Engineering and Preparedness and allows me to fully fulfill my vocation in an effort to educate the world on the why, when, and how of getting prepared for anything, from a personal catastrophe up to a global level, that may come.

See my bio and Interests pages for more.  You can review my resume here and my Outdoor/Preparedness experience and qualifications here.

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