Your typical Geek/Farmer/Mountain Man with 8 kids!

Phil Burns Phil Burns

Outdoor & Urban Survival Expert/Instructor

I’ve spent most of my life in the outdoors in every season and every type of terrain while camping, hunting, fishing and hiking for both short and extended periods of time. I serve on my County’s Search and Rescue Team and have participated in multiple high-angle (on a cliff), high risk rescues at all hours of the day in deep snow, extreme rapids, on open water lakes and in the desert.

Emergency Preparedness

I have frequently been sought out as a recognized expert in the Preparedness Industry and have been requested to consult and advise various media outlets in every format to provide direction and creative input for productions revolving around Emergency Preparedness. I am regularly requested to teach Preparedness topics and have developed multiple courses that have been presented to various groups.

  • Star of Animal Planet’s Preparedness oriented television series Meet the Preppers
  • Co-Owner and CTO of the American Preppers Network; a collection of over 70 websites including a National Forum with blogs for every state in the US and every province in Canada with over 12,000 members
  • Author of “Prepping: The Art of Emergency Preparedness” (forthcoming)
  • Co-Founder of a site dedicated to Preparedness topics for the state of Utah with hundreds of articles, a third of which were authored by me
  • Co-Founder of LDS Preppers a forum created to help Preparedness Specialists in the LDS Church fulfill their callings and provide them with ideas and structure for developing programs for their local areas.
  • Founder and Host of the Preparedness Learning Center Podcast and Radio Show – a weekly 3 hour show dedicated to teaching Preparedness
  • Creator of multiple other on-line sites teaching and selling Preparedness related products and topics
  • Nearly 100 Youtube Videos produced ┬áteaching all manner of Preparedness topics and skills
  • FEMA Certified in Incident Response and Emergency Management
  • Published several articles in Survivalist Magazine

Wilderness Survival

Experienced with several extended survival excursions spending more than a week at a time in the wilderness and mountains with little to no provisions.

  • Member of the Utah County Search and Rescue Team
  • Trained in foraging, trapping and improvised weapon hunting
  • Experienced in tracking, man-tracking and counter-tracking
  • Expert at devising both expedient and long-term shelters
  • Highly experienced trail finder, navigator and backpacker
  • Trained EMT and WFR with extensive additional wilderness and other medical training and experience

Urban Survival

Innovative survivalist capable of thriving in a hostile urban environment for extended periods of time.


Lifelong Firearm enthusiast experienced in all types of firearms, ammunition and firearm safety and maintenance. Has familiarized many students with firearms and helped them develop the necessary basic skills to prepare them for advanced instruction.

  • NRA Certified Handgun Instructor
  • NRA Certified Rifle Instructor
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
  • Utah State Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor
  • Completed several long range shooting courses – certified to 1200 yards, working on 1500
  • Trained in the Luthy Shooting Technique; capable of accurately firing pistols without sighting